Light Tower Solar Sunray LTS

Our new addition to the Sunray™ line of portable products is the Sunray™ LTS solar light tower. This tower is designed to meet the rigors of heavy use areas such as construction, mining, utility, and security. Its silent nature also makes it well-suited for live events. The LTS mast, like the trailer, is built extra heavy to provide a solid foundation for almost any use. On top of the mast are four heavy duty LED light fixtures with ultra-high intensity, state of the art LED’s with remarkable brightness. LED light fixtures boast brightness levels of 40W, 85W, and 160W. These high performance light fixtures are designed to maximize light utility with very little ‘lost’ light. To maximize battery life, the control system is equipped with several selections including automatic on/off at dusk and dawn and settable run times from 3 to 12 hours. Sunray LTS Light Tower