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Sanitizer- Antiseptic Hand Cream Alcohol free

R&R Hand Sanitizer has a distinct advantage over Gelled Alcohol Hand Sanitizers. While both product forms are fast acting and allow for use without water or towels, our product gives the added benefits...

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Towel Cooling Majestic Safety 75-8010

Provides hours of cooling relief Reusable for lasting heat stress management Quick activation and reactivation Innovative PVA cooling technology Anti-microbial treated material to help avoid mold and...

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Shelter E-Z UP Hi Viz

Built tough, the new industrial Hi-Viz® Utility Instant Shelter® is specially designed to be set up in seconds in industrial, agricultural and commercial workplaces to provide your workers relief and...

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Sqwincher Drink 5 gallon Powder Pack

When setting out water coolers for your crew, pouring in a convenient Sqwincher Powder Pack™ gives workers the electrolytes required to stay hydrated. Our great-tasting powder mixes are scientifically...

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Hard Hat Visor and Neck Shade Hi Viz

Extended visor at front to block sun from worker's eyes Drape at back to shade the neck Elastic at back for secure fit High visibility fabric and silver reflective tape Shields eyes and neck from the...

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Industrial Insect Repellent

Industrial Insect Repellent formulated as a Hand Lotion with the Active Ingredient IR3535® is to be used on exposed skin of American Outdoor Workers. The health risks of IR3535® are minimal to nonexistent...

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Industrial Sunscreen SPF30+

Industrial Strength Sunscreen is formulated to protect American Outside Workers who are exposed to the Sun’s Ultra Violet Rays. Formulated with Natural Clear Zinc Oxide that provides a physical barrier...

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Kit First Aid 10 Person

First Aid Kit 10 Person Gasketed Plastic Box Weatherproof Molded Carry Handle Includes Slots for Wall Mounting

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Kit First Aid 25 Person

First Aid Kit 25 Person Gasketed Plastic Box Weatherproof Molded Carry Handle Includes Slots for Wall Mounting

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Knee Pads Gel CLC Pt# G340

Our professional quality gel knee pads have a hard, tread-pattern cap for durability and use our high density, closed-cell foam padding with layered gel and neoprene for exceptional comfort.

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Kneepad Sellstrom Ultra Flex III

Sellstrom’s KneePro Ultra Flex III knee pads have been the industry standard for more than 30 years Simply the best knee pads made! The articulating hinged design ensures proper placement all day long...

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Neck Shade Class 3

Fits regular and full brim hard hats Provides airflow, shade and visibility 5/8” Silver beaded reflective tape Extra fabric length allows wearer to tuck mesh fabric inside of shirt collar One size...

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