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Hard Hat Full Brim Vented w/ Ratchet Suspension Pt# EV6161V

The Evolution® Deluxe 6161 Full Brim Hard Hat is a true evolution of the long established  hard hats. It's shell is made of High Density Polyethylene  and has many useful features. It comes with a...

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Hard Hat Visor and Neck Shade Hi Viz

Extended visor at front to block sun from worker's eyes Drape at back to shade the neck Elastic at back for secure fit High visibility fabric and silver reflective tape Shields eyes and neck from the...

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Neck Shade Class 3

Fits regular and full brim hard hats Provides airflow, shade and visibility 5/8” Silver beaded reflective tape Extra fabric length allows wearer to tuck mesh fabric inside of shirt collar One size...

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