Duct Rodder Maxi rodder

Developed for 3” (7.6 cm) or larger conduit and up to 1200 feet (366 m). The Maxi rodder combines long range lengths with high superior strength. Pulling strength is rated at 3300 lbs (1496 kg) while 24” to 30” (61 cm to 76 cm) radius bends are easily negotiated. Especially effective in pulling heavy electrical and telecommunications cable in long runs. This is a domestic rod not containing the same fiber ratio as other sizes. Complete Unit Includes: 7/16” (1.1 cm) diameter rod from 400’ to 1200’ (120 m to 365 m), Vertical/Horizontal stand & spool with wheeled frame & spool brakes to avoid “spring out” effect, threaded end fittings to accept all accessories, units come marked in feet (add an additional “M” to part number for meters).   MAXI-RODDER